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What are we excepting from this season of Big Brother Albania

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The best and famous Albanian reality TV Show Big Brother Albania it is coming once again for it’ s lovely fans. It has been almost a year since the previous season of big brother Albania and now here it is again our entertaining, drama and romance big brother Albania 9 live TV show.

This is the ninth season of Big Brother Albania 9 Live reality show, more drama is awaiting for us to entertain for about three full months, so make ready for an excitement and awesome month as this February will the premier night of bb Albania.

If you are interested for more information regarding this awesome show than please do visit this site: for more updates and also there you can find where and when the audition will be held on Albania.

Regarding the host of this season there nothing has been confirmed from the producers of big brother Albania but let’s hope that this year the host will be Arbana Osmani.

The famous Big Brother Mzansi is coming again this year!

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Yes you heard right the famous reality TV show Big Brother Mzansi is coming once again this year, we have been waiting for a long year now for this excitement, drama, romance and much more.  Not sure yet about the premier date of big brother mzansi but based on previous years they always start at February.

We cannot wait to see the all housemates and drama this reality show has to offer to us. As this is the third time of big brother mzansi 2016 than we are sure also there is lots of great things awaiting us from this show.

How many participants there will be and how much will earn the winner of this season it has not been confirmed yet, but we are looking forward to get to know and let you know more about this show.

Big Brother Angola here we come again!

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Yes, that’s true Big Brother Angola coming back once again on your TV Screen! This is the second season of Big Brother Angola 2015, that many of us have been waiting for it to start! In only few weeks Big brother will start and we are more than happy to announce that this season will be more than great.

With the last season winner we are approaching with a new housemates within this season, let’s hope and wish for some great entertainment months to come by watching and being part of Big Brother Angola for this year.

Big Brother Albania a show that promises Drama and Emotions

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I am more than sure that everyone must have heard about Big Brother Albania, a great show that promises a large variety of Drama and emotion, providing and offering to it’s viewers different housemates with different stories all around Albania. Big Brother Albania 8 it’s the new season to start within this month, but this time Arbana who was the main host this time will be somone else? Rumors all around were that will be the next Big Brother Host was enormous, but it seems that the host for this season will be Ledion, he is a great Host and has been hosted many different reality TV Shows and TV Programs.

Big Brother Mzansi to start soon!

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We have been waiting for Big Brother Mzansi to start and watch it in our Big Screen TV. For the second time Big Brother Mzansi 2015 comes to offer joy and entertainment to us. Based on last year this show looks really promising, and there must be more drama than from last season. Fans all around South Africa are more than happy to watch the big premier of this season and the rest of this reality tv show.

The last season’s winner were Mandla, who became so famous all around Africa’s continent based on his relationship with Lexi during this show. There was rumours that they have been togher just because of the game, and some other who believed that they was in love. Now they are planing on making a new Reality TV Show, as the hosts of this show will be Big Brother Mzansi’s winner Mandla and Lexi.